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List Your Restaurant

Your potential customer is currently online on his/ her mobile phone and is looking for a new restaurants to check out…

Will they find you?


RestoHunt.Mobi is a social mobile business restaurant directory and mobile in Metro Manila. We created this website because of our love for food and to discover new restaurants easier and enjoy better dining deals!

A lot of us now search on mobile and most directories are not mobile friendly so their huge websites load forever. We want to discover new restaurants on the go, we want to find them fast so we made a mobile friendly site. No need to download!

But to enjoy more features of RestoHunt, you can now download our app on iOS and Android.

We do not want a crowded directory. WE HAVE LIMITED SLOTS available!


To list your restaurant, please email us at or call us at (02) 216-2707 for more details.

RestoHunt is made by the Foodies AND Marketers of NetRev Marketing. is best viewed on mobile phones.